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    Forsman has for many years delivered the superlative in dipol speakers.

    Ever since the first folded dipol was launched more than 20 years ago with the patented Vertical Split System, Forsman has continually been unsurpassed when it comes to realistic sound reproduction.

    Many remember the handmade VSS2, VSS3 and the top of the line Ultima with great joy. Forsman now introduces an upgrade path for these models. Furthermore Forsman has launched products which are produced industrially and with a significantly shorter deliverytime.

    Forsmans VSS range are speakers with Vertical Split System and analogue crossovers. They ought to be driven by high quality equipment and has biwiring terminals. VSS comes with integrated legs which ensures a frequency neutral coupling to the floor. VSS is precise and consice in the imageing stage and gives a musical experience which makes the heart beat faster and the brain start to wonder.

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