• Forsman Elektronakustikk was formally registered in 1989


    The beginning:
    Tor Forsman was never satisfied with the traditional sound of the box speakers. So he set out on a mission, to develop a speaker completely clean of any resonance and colouring of the sound. He believed that the speaker had to be completely open as the instruments are in the recording studio. He built a prototype that had a V-split front and rear. The big idea was that an open speaker will always sound better than a speaker that is closed. Tor Forsman had studied various speakers’ principles and found that an open speaker falls by 6 dB per octave, while the closed speaker falls by 12 dB per octave. Speakers based on a bass reflex fall by as much as 24 dB per octave.
    Tor Forsmans technology background includes Tandberg and Radionette, and was a solid base for his deep knowledge of technology on analogue audio. His ideas and the development of VSS2 model resulted in the patent application that was prepared and approved in 1990. A year later he developed the bestseller VSS3.
    R & D:
    Forsman factory conduct extensive research and development work. Our speakers are developed through scientific testing and trials. Norwegian Research Council has approved R & D projects for the column form, sound and use of materials.
    We have developed production methods for 5 axis milling of timber in organic forms. This is supported by the timber industry in central Norway. Our wood partners see opportunity for increased competence and exploitation of fields in the interface between industrial CNC machining and wood processing. In metalworking we use on the edge techniques within both laser and water cutting. For the colouring process Forsman are using both powder and paint processes. Knowhow and production processes we don’t have in-house, we use local subcontractors with very high skills. 
    All Forsman speakers are designed and manufactured in Norway. The quality achieved by the use of skilled labour and Norwegian expertise is exquisite.
    Proximity to the market: 
    Forsman defines domestic market, all places where one can travel to and from in a day, it provides proximity and closeness to the market. It also provides a unique presence also for service and follow-up. We always listen to our customers, because they listen to us.
    The company today: 
    Forsman is currently the leading expertise in many different areas. The people behind today's products have taken the legacy of Tor Forsman and refined it to VSS4 and VSS5. In 2012, we take the next step and release new products such as D2/8 and D2/10, which both challenges old theories and old borders. At Forsman, we do see the audio world as a large picture, so we even produce OEM products within complementary fields.
    Today we have in-house expertise at the highest level in everything from project to manufacture and market. Central to all the detailed knowledge are a dedication to producing products that are both visually timeless and recreate sound as close to the real thing as possible.