The D2 Series - Retro, but still timeless design.

  • RAL Colours

    The D2 series has standard black colour.

    Other colours on request at extra cost.

    For a complete listing look at the RAL colour 


    Every Forsman product comes with a 5 year warranty.

    Upgraded older models also carries a 5 year warranty.

  • D2-8 / D2-10


    Forsman's latest addition is the D2 Loudspeaker. It is currently available in the models D2-8 and D2-10. 


    The design is beautiful and is based on the well-known Forsman style. They fit perfectly into most homes. They come as standard in silver with black grill, but are available in other color combinations on request. The D2 range will get many appreciative nods from the design-conscious connoisseurs, and the signature of the designer Anne Cecilie Hoppstock is evident in all its rugged splendor. The speakers are 120 cm high and 23 cm deep. D2-8 is 25 cm wide, and D2-10 is 28 cm wide. Both models are made of laser-cut thick aluminum and finished with strong and beautiful paint in RAL colors. D2-8 weighs 20 kg and D2-10 weighs 25 kg.

    D2 Acoustic baffle equivalent 

    The D2 models are manufactured in Norway just as the rest of Forsmans products. They are based on the elliptical baffle equivalent which for many is Forsman's signature. When measuring the acoustic distance from all points on the membranes from the front to the corresponding point on the back, one gets a dipole ellipse which sounds so clean and well and which gives the unique tight controlled bass response which Forsman is praised for.

    The Dipole 

    The Dipole is built around a sandwich construction of aluminum with thick closed cell core material in the middle. The Phase Guide on the baffle between the treble and bass elements are designed as a resonance damper for the cabinet's own coloring and cancels out the standing waves in cabinet. This gives a light and stiff construction which plays crystal clear and airy without noise or coloring the sound. Structural integrity is ensured by utilizing single structural elements in the vertical axis, which are pre-tensioned 180 degrees to each other with reversed geometry. There are no tensions which draws asymmetric in one direction or another, everything is symmetrical, homogeneous and with high structural integrity.



    • Tweeter: Magnetostat
    • Midrange: Magnetostat
    • Bass: 2 x 10 tommer
    • Crossoverfrequency: 480Hz / 10kHz
    • Frequencyresponce (-3dB): <21Hz - 27KHz
    • Impedance: 4 ohm
    • Sensitivity(2,88 v/m): 92 dB
    • IEC Power Handling: 105 db
    • Size: 130cm tall, 24cm deep
    • Weight: 25 kg each
    • Colour: Silver and black anodised aluminium




  • Handcarved Top bar

    Top bar 

    The bar at the top is handcarved and polished by Forsmans skilled craftsmen. It is made from the best quality Walnut (or recycled mahogany when we can find some) and has been oiled with linseed oil. As a symbol of the presense of nature itself in the sound scape it reigns on top as an exquisite description of its own form.


    All aluminum components have been cut with a laser and shaped by the most advanced Computer controlled production machines available today. Every part undergoes a qualitycheck and are paired with the other components.

    Aluminum Sidepanels



    The sidepanels are produced in aluminium, anodized and lacquered in a hot air powder coating system utilizing anodization. The curvatures and the form all work together to achieve an acoustic absorbing grib due to the tension inherent in the construction - as all the components mutually cancel each other. Everything is in a calculated tension which takes advantage of the ability in aluminium to bend.

    D2-8 Rear

    Forsman Float

    The D2 series have the same lavish suspension as used in Forsmans larger models. The sleek black anodized cylindrical legs provide a stable decoupling from the floor.

    The Units

    Both the D2/8 and D2/10 are equipped with magnetostatic elements that play just as well to the front as to the rear. Magneto static elements are constructed with a flat membrane with more vapor deposited coils in the center. A number of neodymium magnets provide a motor system with poles that are matched to the corresponding pole on the other side. There is no mechanical friction or heavy windings or the like which must be set in motion, there is a direct operation of the membrane that plays accurately and precisely from low to high and has a wonderful detailed precision. Together with the crossover midrange and treble plays with the same technology, same design and same precision. This means that all the harmonic overtones are reproduced with the same intonation. Thus all instruments and vocals sound the same with the same tonal color in the entire frequency spectrum.

    Tube amplifiers

    With its impedance and ability to render detail particularly clear and airy, the D2 speakers are very well suited for both tube amplifiers and digital amplifier.