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  • VSS4 Classic i 
    LYD & BILDE 
    FEBRUAR 2011

    Conclusion If you want a stunning stereo perspective and a music reproduction that is to touch and feel, then Forsman VSS4 truly an exciting speaker. For those who appreciate a soundstage with realistic size, this is one where the musicians around materializes in front of you, and a music reproduction that is almost to touch and feel. Forsman are not the loudest and toughest in its price class, but the scale of the sound is something for themselves.

    Forsman VSS5 i Fidelity

    Dipol med splittskjørt

    VSS-høyttalerne til Tor Forsman har i en generasjon vært et spennende alternativ for mange norske high-endere. De simpelthen elsker den åpne og luftige utklingingen med fremragende dypbass fra disse uvanlige dipolkonstruksjonene med skjørt og dyp splitt…

    KonKlusjon .....Og vær ikke i tvil; dette er overlegent det beste så langt fra Forsman. VSS5 Classic er en både lekker og spennende høyttaler som utvilsomt vil glede mange med sin storslagne og detaljerte lyd med eksepsjonelt bra dypbass. Og i Norge er den etter en totalvurdering faktisk ganske så nøkternt priset… 

    Forsman Feed4 Fidelity in week 49

    Pleasant with Momentum

    This skillfully crafted cable from the speaker manufacturer Forsman, it is not surprising that they created their own speakers with a lot of energy in between the bass and a little careful peak.

  • Almost scary

    Words that find their way quickly to mind to describe the sound is accuracy and precision. I think not necessarily only in holographic or perspective in terms of accuracy and precision, but we are talking about tonal, dynamic, start and stop transients. Tiny details in particular, voice and piano was so real that it was almost scary.


    The fantastic treble and upper midrange was more than enough to make this the greatest listening experience I've had so far ...

    New Forsman sounds awesome!

    They connect to the room in an amazing way and disappears completely in the sound. They are very well put together as well. High quality. Very fast and no lag in any parts of the sound.

    The best I've heard

    I was at Hi-consult on Friday and listened to your VSS5 ..... Oh my God! I have listened to many speakers, but this was probably among the best I've heard ... I sat there and just enjoyed and refueled the soul after a hard fall. When one of the guys put on the "O Holy Night", I started to almost cry - it sounded so incredibly rich, beautiful, dissolved, and not least -  present. That they would be good, I have been told by people who mailed me from Norway to tell me about new speakers, but they are so good, so magical - yes I was not really prepared for that .. Thanks for the experience!