• Feed4 - Our own cables for the ultimate in Bi-Wiring

  • Feed4


    Forsman Feed4 are speaker cables with an exceptionally open and transparent soundscape. It gives the sound that extra bit it needs to reign on the top level. 

    Forsman Feed4 mk2.2 comes in pairs. To utilize bi-wiring 2 sets of Feed4 are needed. The one end of the cable is terminated with hollow bananatype plugs, especially suited for the terminals on Forsmans speakers. The terminals are fastened onto the pipe/banana plug, and ensures that there will be no stress on the cable nor that it will come loose when the speakers are moved around. The transition resistence is the lowest possible with souch a coupling. At the amplifier end of the cables they are terminated with spade plugs which fits 2 different diametres.


    • Diameter 19 mm
    • Total lenght 2.500 mm

    • Split connection 180 mm
    • Termination A Banana, hollow type
    • Termination B Spade, dual diameter
    • Impedans <0,012 Ohm
    • Isolation DC 300V/ 5 Mohm/ 0,1s
    • Frequency response : 0Hz - >1MHz (+- 0,002Ohm)
    • Max effect 3000 Watt
    • Weight: 3,0 Kg / pair
    • Colour: Black
  • Feet


    There are two set s of terminals on Forsmans speakers, also known as bi-wiring. 

    It is required that two sets of speaker cables are connected to the same point on the amplifier each  again connected to the speperate terminals on the speakers.

    This is done to reduce the distortion which is caused by the loss of voltage over the cables used. Bass and midtone/treble uses approximately equal amounts of power. When you play loud music this will lead to loss of voltage over the cable in accordance with the increase of the volume of the music.The loss of voltage causes adjustments of the volume between the elements so that the speaker will modulate inaccurately. The solution is to have seperate leads for bass and midtone/treble which will not be influenced by the loss of voltage on the other cable. It does not help to connect/bridge the terminals on the speaker itself.

    The terminals are placed at the bottom of the speaker so that the cable connection is hidden and does not protrude as a sore thumb. This is an awardwinning loudspeaker we are talking about here.