• Earlier models can be Upgraded

  • Warranty

    Every Forsmans product carries a 5 year warranty.

    Upgraded older models carries a 5 year warranty on parts and labour.

  • Earlier models 

    Forsman have been making speakers for many years. 

    We support, repair and upgrade all earlier models on request. When you purchase a new pair of Forsman speakers, you can trade inn your old ones. Ask us for a price.

    VSS3 Mk5 

    VSS3 has been in long and faithful service amongst audiophiles for the past 20 years. It still remains in position as an outstanding Vertical Split Speaker. It was available in dark cherry wood and natural beech. VSS3 is a classic exclusive speaker which fits into almost any home. The speaker is 34 cm i diameter og 118 cm tall. They weigh 35Kg a piece, and stand on tree adjustable feet on the floor. 

    Your VSS3 has lived for some years and deserves an overhaul. Development goes on and today we have new solutions and better components than earlier. We care about our old customers and have constructed an upgrade for your VSS3. We use only the latest components and technologies. 

    This is what we do:

    • The Baffel(midpiece) is exchanged with a new pianolacquered MDF board.
    • All elements are changed; 
      • 3 new bass elements
      • one magnetostat band midrange 
      • one magnetostat tweeter.
      • Alle cables and leads are swapped for new ones.
    • A completely new crossower is placed in the base and covered with a plate.
    • All woodwork are polished..
    • Each speaker is burnt-in for 20 hours and measured and checked for quality.

    In praxis the speakers are new, and a joy to behold for both eyes and ears. 

    This is what you get:

    • A deeper bass than before. The elements have a new magnesium based membrane which improves definition in the mid-bass-range.
    • A treble as crystal clear as glass. The tweeter is a dipol and reaches much higher than what was previously possible.
    • A midrange as smooth as velvet, but at the same time fast and defined. You get the feeling that the studio have just moved into your livingroom. 

    "This must cost an arm and a leg" most people ask - absolutely not! For the neat sum of 25.000 Norwegian kroner you not only get a new life in the speakers, but also a new 5 year warrenty on parts and labour. Soundwise the upgraded VSS3 can compete with anyone in much higher price ranges. 

    As a manufacturer and a local Norwegian factory,we are proud of all the products we deliver. In short - we have a passion for great sound.

  • Vertical Split System 

    Forsman Speakers have been produced in Norway since the 80's. 

    The first three models are based on an inverted dipole technology which means that the gap is reversed on the back of the speaker relative to the front. These speakers achieved many groundbreaking qualities when they were launched. They have the dipoles speed and impulse response. They have canceled out the edge resonances with the Vertical Split principle, and they have a design that is appealing and makes them easy to place in a modern environment. Particularly successful is bass precision. Frequency response is very good throughout the series.


    VSS2 is indeed the worlds smallest  dipol speaker. It measures 28cm in diameter and 60cm tall. VSS2 was sold for  15.000 kr pr. pair in 1995.


    VSSis Forsmans bestselling model. It isr 34cm in diameter and 118cm tall. VSS3 was on sale for 65.000 kr. pr. pair in 2000.

    VSS Ultima MkII 

    VSS Ultima is Forsmans earlier top model. It is equipped with ribbon elements in the midrange and a hybrid for the treble. It is 40cm in diameter and 140cm tall. It was on sale for 165.000 kr. pr. pair in 2005.